Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bukayo ( Palaman)

This is the best sandwich spread ( palaman) that we can have in our farm during my younger years, where electricity was not yet available in the remote areas of the town therefore, we do not have a refrigerator, since bukayo can be kept for a week without refrigerating it, my mother always have it available for us. Until now this is my family's favorite dessert and palaman. I will be sharing the dried version of bukayo soon, God willing.

4 cups shredded young coconut
2 cups sugar
1 cup coconut water


1. In a pan caramelize the 1/2 cup of sugar ( like what we do in leche flan) after caramelizing the 1/2 cup sugar, add the shredded coconut, coconut water and the rest of the sugar then cook over medium heat stirring constantly until it is done. It is done when the liquid is gone and your desired texture of the bucayo and the color is attained

Note: Caramelizing some sugar will make the color of the bukayo nicer.

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