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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Ano Ang Mga Sustansyang Makukuha Sa Marang

Nakakain na po ba kayo ng marang? Ang marang ay isang uri ng prutas na katutubo sa Borneo, Palawan at Mindanao, ako bilang taga Mindanao (Davao) ang marang ay isa sa mga paborito kong prutas dahil sagana ito sa amin sa mga buwan ng Agosto hanggang Oktubre, kasabay ng mga rambutan, lansones, mangosteen at durian. Mas gusto ko ito kapag hindi sobra ang pagkahinog at malalaki ang laman katulad ng nasa larawan, mabango at masarap ang marang.
Artocarpus odoratissimus ang scientific name ng marang, bukod sa Pilipinas, mayroon ding marang sa Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia at sa ilang bahagi ng India.
Masustansya rin ang Marang, dahil bawat 100 gramo ng laman mayroon itong 17mg na calcium, 35mg ng phosphorus, 2,1 mg ng iron at 30mg ng Bitamina C.
Sa mga nakakain na ng marang ano ang masasabi nyo sa prutas na ito? Sa mga di pa nakakain, tikman nyo na po.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Health Benefits of Onion

Onions are very common kitchen staples. But there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Like their pungent taste and smell, onions have extraordinarily powerful health benefits. Here are some of the many:

1. They have phytochemicals that enhance the effectiveness of Vitamin C in the body. That means better body resistance to sickness.

2. They have chromium that helps blood sugar regulation.

3.  Like garlic, onions have antimicrobial element called allicin. They can be used as first aid remedies for cuts or wounds. Crush a half of onion (you can add raw honey for better results) and apply on the wound. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash off.

4. Did you know that onions stimulate the production of good cholesterol (HDL)? It keeps your heart fit and well.

5. Got stung by a defensive honeybee? Apply onion juice on the inflicted area to feel relieved from pain and burning sensation.

6. See those bright green tops sprouting from onion bulbs? They are rich in vitamin A! Use them often in your cooking.

7. Flavonoid quercetin, an antioxidant found in onions, helps to get rid of free radicals. It also protects and aids our body to regenerate vitamin E.

I know you got teary-eyed with these heart-touching health benefits. Wipe your tears and start chopping onions now. Surely you will never look at them in the same way again. :)

Onions are toxic to your dog!

Thanks to the best gardener, Mr. Arcon Agbuya for contributing this wonderful article.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Singkamas na may Bagoong

A succulent turnip or jicama partnered with shrimp paste is a nice treat for me, this is also sold as street food in some cities in the Philippines together with green mangoes. The vendors put the slices of turnips (singkamas) on the skewer and spread a shrimp paste on it.

 This is easy to prepare, just wash the turnips properly then remove the skin and slice to your desired size put some shrimp paste then serve and enjoy. :-)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Health Benefits of Garlic

                One of the most common ingredients in cooking is garlic. Awarded as the "Wonder Drug Among All Herbs", garlic is used to reduce high blood pressure and other heart related problems such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries.) It could prevent many types of cancer including colon cancer, rectal cancer, and stomach cancer. Garlic also builds the immune system preventing and treating bacterial and fungal infections. 

                Garlic is an herb and is very easy to grow. It is perfect for kitchen garden and you can raise your own supply the whole year round. But in areas with 4 seasons, garlic is best grown in the fall.
Here are the easy steps:
                1. Pick a variety that you want to grow. I suggest you choose the native small ones because they're more aromatic and flavorful than those big varieties.
                2. Plant garlic cloves 8 inches apart, about 3 inches deep in a loose, very fertile soil. Water only if the soil gets dry. You will begin to see the shoots sprouting within a couple of weeks.
                3. When several of the lower leaves start to turn brown then that's the time to harvest. Gently pull out the whole plant to see the bulb. Store the garlic heads in a cool, dry place.

Contributed by the best gardener: Arcon Agbuya

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