Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Crispy Pusit

Newly dried squid which my niece bought from the market today, I can't help it but have some, mmmm that smell while frying it, is an appetite booster and a taste bud tickler, now I am mouth watering.

As soon as the squids are crispy I grabbed the rice and the rest is history. :-).

Here is a recipe for dried squid

1 kilo small Squids  ( Cleaned thoroughly)
1/4  cup salt

1. Slit open the underneath portion of the squid entrails then
remove all the innards and clean well.
2. Put salt and mix well then sun dry it for 7 hours on a bamboo capping.
3. Collect the sun-dried then air-dry for an hour under the shade then pack and store in a cool dry place. You can have it anytime :-).

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