Monday, June 22, 2015

How To Make an Easy Dessert

Simple yet delicious and very easy to prepare. Affordable and enough for the whole family.

Ingredients for 15 servings:
500 grams white small sago (cooked and drained)
1 sachet green gelatine powdered (unflavored)
1 sachet red gelatine powder ( unflavored)
2 cans condensed milk or  add according to your taste
2 cups fresh milk or evaporated milk
1 litre All purpose cream(Nestle, Alaska, Magnolia, Etc)

1. Cook each gelatine then set aside and diced.
2. In a mixing bowl combine all the ingredients then mix well.
3. Refrigerate before serving.

I recooked today (August 1) for a friends birthday and everybody likes it. I used green and orange gelatin

I dropped some raisins to my bowl and it's superb!


  1. Subukan ko yan Bukas...I'm going to palengke for sago and gelatin 😉

  2. Sarap ! Ang dali lang gawin. Yummy! It is so easy to prepare


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